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Website Business Services

You may simply need to have a website created using your existing business graphics, message and so on. However, it could be beneficial to take some time up front to review your business. We can take time with you to understand whatever is necessary to help you improve your business and maximise the potential of your website.

Our business services include:

  • Business reviews
  • Customer analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Business planning
  • Marketing services
  • Process improvement
  • Education and training

We have substantial business experience gained through working in and with companies for almost 30 years. Indeed this experience is one of the reasons our websites and customer engagements are successful.

Our charges for business consulting services will depend on the required experience and the effort. For example, a one day business development workshop starts at £250. We also continue to support our business consulting clients and provide ad hoc consulting as necessary at £75 per hour.

Our consulting objectives are to partner with you bringing our expertise and experience to improve your business. That is we aim to help you to make a profit out of the money you invest in us.

By partnering with you and helping you to improve your business we will forge a mutually beneficial and ongoing relationship.

If something is bothering you, you are having difficulties in recruiting customers, your product is not selling well enough or you need to preempt the competition then call us on 07415 565434 . We will happily come to see you to discuss your needs.

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