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We do more than design websites.

See a PDF overview of our services.

Services Overview

After almost 30 years working with large and complex organizations we have realized that our experience and skills are very suited to all businesses and organizations.

Therefore we launched Webazon in 2007 to focus on partnering with all businesses, including sole traders, partnerships and other smaller companies to provide a professional bespoke service to build and maintain websites and website applications that supports your business.

Webazon are business driven and deliver and maintain websites and web based applications that will improve your business reach, income, visibility and sales.

This business focus is coupled with a great deal of technical capability and experience.

If you are having difficulties in recruiting customers, your product is not selling well enough, you need to preempt the competition or you simply want advice on how to take your business forward then call us on 07415 565434 .

Webazon consulting and contracting services

PDF of our service list.

Business Consulting

Webazon provides a wide array of business, technical and management services. We work with you to fill in the gaps and provide the extra resource that you may not have.

Our business skills come from the experience of working at the highest level with KPMG, Accenture, Management Decisions, Metaphor, Sequent, Oracle and other well known consulting firms. We have refined these skills and established methods designed to support the smaller and startup organizations.

We also have a lot of experience with not for profit organizations. We generally carry out our business consulting on a time and materials basis so that you only pay for what you need.

Typical areas used for our business consulting include:

  • Business Review
  • Business Strategy
  • Process Improvement
  • Marketing Services
  • Business Planning
  • Customer Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Marketing Services
  • Customer Analysis
  • Workshop Facilitation, Mentoring, Seminars & Education

We have a separate paper outlining our business services in more detail. Please call 07415 565434 for more details.

Technical Consulting

Technical consulting is of course as broad as our business services. We have experience in the wide variety of technologies that you might need to support your business strategy and processes. These range from high level systems architecture to low level networking and machine specification. We have strong skills and practical experience in enterprise solutions, product selection, deployment management, database design and implementation and business intelligence.

Enterprise solutions are the tailorable systems available that manage your typical business process such as billing, financial management, manufacturing control, customer relationship management (CRM).

IT Strategy

If your business strategy fits and you really understand the business drivers and critical success factors that are influencing your business but your technology does not properly support your business processes then you are at best creating a strain on your staff and the efficiency of your business. At worst you are risking the business processes and might even be losing potential business and income.

Being simplistic about it you wouldn’t use a bicycle to transport large and heavy car parts but you might use a bicycle if you are a local sandwich delivery company.

Equally, you shouldn’t use inappropriate technology and the technology you do deploy should be managed and maintained to make sure that it remains fit to support the business processes.

There are many components that might be included in an IT strategy including, bespoke systems, standard systems, hardware platform, network infrastructure, backup and disaster planning.

For example, many companies have procedures in place to backup their data but do not have a plan on how to carry on with their business if their IT services were to fail.

We have experience in all these areas of IT and can advise you on any areas that you might need to address and help you to make the necessary changes. We can also help any transition by providing interim IT management and technical training as necessary.

Database Design & Business Intelligence

Back in the late seventies Charles Irby and David Liddle had a vision. Actually they had several visions. One of them was to enable large blue chip organizations to take advantage of the data they had swilling around in their various computer systems and to pull this data together in a way that would enable non technical commercial people to better understand the business and to therefore make better decisions on various aspects of running the company.

This led to the development of decision support systems (DSS) and Metaphor went on to be the leading player in this arena for over a decade.

The business tools that have evolved from this we now call Business Intelligence software. They look cool and have some great features but the two fundamental issues remain.

  1. How can you organize data to support business intelligence in a way that normal commercial people will understand it and
  2. How to create business intelligence tools that a CEO can use.

We have a great deal of experience in designing and deploying databases to support not only business intelligence but other areas that are used directly by the commercial people in a company.

This also helps us design more effective and flexible websites and web based applications.

Website Services

Designing, building, deploying and maintaining websites and web based applications requires a myriad of skills. You can summarize these skills into: design, programming, graphics design & SEO and website maintenance

Webazon example web design skills

PDF of our example web design skills.


Getting to grips with what the website or application needs to look like depends on getting an understanding of what you are trying to manage, sell or promote through the website or application. It also requires gaining an insight into your customers and prospects.

We then draft some ideas of how the website will look, how the customer will interact with it and how prospects will be converted to customers through the website.

Sometimes this is the longest stage of creating a new website because it takes time to test the ideas and the new website’s look and feel so that the end result will be what you really need to support your business. For larger projects we often test websites with real prospects and customers and use their feedback to further improve the design.

This requires a mixture of skills from technical understanding of what is possible to an understanding of customers, marketing and your business.

Simple design examples:

Example website design for Crystal Engraving Example website design for Cannes Appartment, Le Parc


Website design and implementation requires a whole array of technical skills.

The fundamental language used by all websites is HTML and we work in the latest version of that namely HTML 5.

This is the version used by iPhones, the Chrome browser and is rapidly being adopted by other technologies.

You may also hear of other scripting languages and technologies. We have the skills to support the full mix necessary to build any website or web based application.

In particular this includes:

  • HTML 5 (the standard browser language)
  • CSS 3 (the stuff that makes it display where you want it to)
  • JavaScript 2.0 (to programme your clients browser for special things)
  • jQuery (a standard library of JavaScript to make development faster, more consistent and easier)
  • jQuery Mobile (a standard library for developing application geared for Smartphones and Tablets)
  • PHP (for writing programmes to run on our back end servers)
  • MySQL (for creating databases to hold invoices, orders, customer details, product details and so on)
  • Apache (the system that is used to serve our websites to the web)
  • Linux (is the operating system – like Windows that runs on our servers)

We develop for the following platforms:

  • iOS (our favourite iPhone & iPad platform
  • Android (for those Galaxy, Nexus and other users)
  • MAC OS (For Apple Macs)
  • Windows (32 and 64 bit)
  • Linux
Webazon Example Web Design Technologies

PDF of our service list.

We also have a number of software packages to make our development more cost effective. These include DreamWeaver, Expressions Web, Visual Studio, GIMP, Photoshop, Fireworks, ThumbsPlus to name a few.

Documentation & Testing

All code, even simple control scripts like .HTAccess files are fully documented and updates are released through our multitier version management system.

Webazon development are technically very adept and as such we can develop quickly in the most appropriate technologies. However, we also take the time to test our releases. We unit test our library components, individual scripts as well as system test websites and web based systems.

Webazon believes in testing on the real thing. So we do not use emulators but have the various common platforms that your customers will be using to use the website or application.

Our testing lab includes:

Server technology:

  • Linux & Unix servers (running Centos and Solaris)
  • Apache running on Windows and Linux
  • MySQL server running on Linux
  • CPanel running on Apache
  • SQL Server running on Windows

End User Technology:

  • iOS - iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 4
  • Android - Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy
  • Windows – XP, XP Pro 64 bit, Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Server
  • MAC OS – tbc
  • Linux – Centos (32 & 64 bit), Solaris

Graphics Design & Photography

Implementing what the designer comes up with is often both a technical and visual challenge. We have high spec Nikon DSLR photographic equipment and high density scanners to help with capturing images. We have an array of software to create the digital images and prepare them for either web sites or if necessary we can prepare files ready for lithographic printing using the CMYk standards. We use Nikon software, the Adobe suite of software, GIMP, Quark and other industry standard technologies to help us with this.

When providing a complete web based marketing service it is also important that we can prepare documents that are in a format for large volume commercial printing on lithographic presses.

RGB, CMYk & Lithographic (wet) Printing

When designing for the modern digital world we operate using variations of a colour model called RGB (Red, Green Blue) to provide colour definitions for use on the screen and for digital printing. Wet (lithographic) printers use a different system called CMYk (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, key).

Typically RGB designs do not translate very well to CMYk and look different at best but often dull and lack lustre. When we design documents that will be wet printed we create the design using the CMYk palette that will be used by the preferred printer.

SEO & Maintenance

There are many long essays on the subject of SEO and website maintenance.

Webazon believes in creating websites that will organically list as high as possible for the searches your customers and prospects will use. There is some art to this but a lot of it is diligence, perseverance and patience. You should allow your website time to become settled with Google and the other main search engines. You should also budget time and expense to maintain this through ongoing management of content and technical implementation.

We review our new websites on a daily basis for the first few weeks and move to weekly for the first three months. This is usually included in the development costs for bespoke developments.

Beyond that we would recommend that you take one of our ongoing maintenance packages so that we can continue to review and manage your website.

We can also manage paid for campaigns on the internet such as pay per click and other traffic driving methods.

Please ask your consultant for advice on your implementation.

Project Management

This is often an overlooked skill set and requirement. We believe that to be as successful as possible with anything you do you must manage it.

We are certified in PRINCE II and have experience in managing multi million pound projects over many continents. We also have experience of managing small and critical projects.

Examples where you might want to use our project management skills include:

  • Product development
  • Event management
  • Marketing campaign
  • Technology implementation
  • Restructuring
  • Moving premises

Webazon has certified PRINCE II practitioners as detailed in our consulting services.

Example Gantt Chart

The example Gantt Chart above is not real but it does highlight some of the high level tasks that are necessary every bespoke website project.

WISH – Education Services

WISH is a sister company of Webazon and is focused on developing training, mentoring, teaching materials and methods.

WISH provides:

  • Facilitation
  • Mentoring (team or one to one based)
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • E-learning training package development

Workshop facilitation

It is often very important to take the team with you as you evolve and make changes to your business. Workshops and facilitated sessions are good ways of encouraging this.

Our founder, Neville Ward, has developed a unique way of facilitating workshop sessions. These sessions are fun, intense and usually provided as part of an overall initiative or project. Neville has studied many facilitation, team building and other educational techniques.

He has facilitated workshops for high profile clients such as BP, Shell, BT, UPC, ABN AMRO, Spoornet, Edgars, New Look, Barclays Capital, Sun Alliance, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Hoechst-Roussel, Bosal to name some of his client experience. Most of these sessions have been run at board or senior management level.

The workshops include preparation, interviews, facilitation and follow up activities.

Example topics for workshops include:

  • Business strategy
  • Building the team
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Launching new products or services
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Technical strategy and product selection
  • Business Intelligence (Decision Support System) design
  • Project kick starts or restarts
  • Problem reviews and planning

Workshops are usually held offsite, very informal and last two to three days. Typically these are very long days. Webazon provides the support staff to document, prepare and manage these sessions. This is in addition to the facilitator.

The mentoring we provide is usually an outcome of our workshops and projects.


We love to hear of other people’s experiences and their advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and to maximize our efforts. We also have valuable experience that we can share and can do this through informal tutorials or key note seminars. We speak on the topics that interest us and that we have some experience in. They are not all business or technically related.

Recent topics that we have been invited to present include:

  • Using the web safely
  • Making better decisions using your own data and readily available market data
  • Dimensional database design
  • Knowledge management
  • Methods for teaching those who have not been through formal education
  • Business strategy: What really matters
  • How to use commercial drivers in a Not for Profit Organisation
  • Using unstructured data in a structured way

We have also spoken on topics that are not directly related to Webazon, WAC or WISH such as practical second level help for those who are homeless, have addiction or other problems, the economic value of properly supporting people back into work and why it makes sense to help those who in difficulty and how to get work in the web business.

E-Learning package development & support

Our founder Neville Ward has spent the best part of two years developing a method and the associated materials to be able to provide education to those who have no access to normal education courses or facilities. He has developed a set of course modules that would enable anyone to learn the components of web design that they have an interest in. This is based on the standard syllabus that would enable them to achieve a CIW (Certificate of Internet Webmaster) or similar qualification.

The unique approach to his teaching and the course material that he has developed is that:

  • it is completely standalone and portable so that it can be taught where there is no internet connectivity
  • it can be used by learners with limited language and mathematical education (certainly those who have not achieved CSEs in these subjects)
  • it is complete with workflows, exercises, background material, intranet reference material, mentoring support materials and external review by WISH.

Having developed this it became apparent that there are many topics that can be taught this way and many of these have value in commercial environments as well as in adult education outlets and the like.

We have used the same methods and packaging to provide teaching on topics of:

  • Web based marketing
  • Using maths in business
  • Website management
  • Cut down parts of our CIW course including HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JavaSCript, jQuery and more

Website Hosting

Webazon partners with two of the leading backbone hosting companies so that we can provide our customers a complete solution to managing their online presence.

We can provide hosting from managing a single email address through to hosting a large web based application that is supporting millions of visitors, on demand video and other server intensive tasks.

Every hosting setup is tailored specifically for your current needs with clear paths to growth as it becomes necessary.

The following are some of the examples of the web based services that we provide.

Domain Names

Typically you will need your own website or domain name such as www.yourcompany.co.uk. We can advise on the best domain names that are available, buy them for you and administer the ongoing location for these domains.

XXX Domain Names

.XXX domains are new sponsored top level domains designed to clearly signpost adult content online. The domain will help consumers and businesses avoid adult material more easily.

It is also supposed to let them filter out .XXX content and ensure that internet users don't inadvertently visit adult sites.

Businesses outside the online adult-entertainment industry have an important task ahead of them: protecting their brands to ensure they're not associated with adult content, accidentally or maliciously.

By 'blocking' your equivalent .XXX domains, you will ensure that no other party can use it to host inappropriate content or demand an inflated fee to purchase it back from them.

If you block the .XXX domain associated with your business, people who look it up will see a response that it's not a valid or available domain.

More on blocking your brand being used on XXX sites.


Websites, web applications, web based databases, email, cloud based backup and so on need to be ‘hosted’ on a server that is available to the world wide web.

We can provide all of these hosting services and set this up so that your data is secure and so that the search engines can easily find your website.

We have four tiers to provide you with complete flexibility whilst managing your costs. Any of our hosting packages can be tailored to suit your precise requirements like number of email addresses, size of website, size of back end databases, number of visitors, online video and so on. Your consultant will explain the different options and which might best suit you right now.

Webazon partners with two of the leading backbone service providors. We have chosen these technology partners because:

  1. we have access to them 24/7
  2. the data centres are in the UK
  3. they are managed and supported in the UK

Here is an example of one of the services we can use to enable fast running and cost effective websites.


We can provide simple web based email attached to your domain or setup a complete Microsoft Mail Exchange Server depending on your needs.

Moreover we can make sure that whatever happens to your laptop, phone, tablet or computer no email will be lost and it can quickly and easily be replicated onto another device in the event of a problem.

These days we are used to managing our email in a number of places like on our phone, tablet and office computer. We are also familiar with the technologies that seem to synchronise our contacts, email, calendar and other items. But do they really keep everything in synch if one of your devices fails?

We have five email hosting options (based on standard email and using Microsoft Exchange Server ) and these can be explained by your consultant along with best advice of what suits your business.

Compare Webazon Email Packages

we have a PDF of our email packages & pricing.

We can advise on mechanisms to implement the most appropriate synchronization of your key data on all your computer platforms including your email.


Some of our customers are technically adept and like to write their own websites but don’t know how.

We provide online software that allows you to quickly and easily build your own websites from 1 page to many thousands of pages. We can still help you maintain these and make sure that they are technically working well for Google and the other major search engines.

We can also support you if you ‘get stuck’ when updating or writing your own website.

There is also an e-commerce option for our site builder so that you can quickly and easily set up a web based shop.


There are many tools out there that claim to help you understand who is visiting your site, where they come from, how long they stayed, what browser and what browsing device they were using and so on. Indeed, we use a variety of these tools.

One of these technologies is MatrixStats. It is very easy to use and understand and we can supply it against your domain.

Read here for more details on MatrixStats.

Traffic Driver

When we design and deploy our websites we spend a great deal of effort to make them as visible as possible to your target audience.

We make sure that over time Google and other search engines indexes your new website pages appropriately and that they technically work smoothly. This is called organic search engine optimization or (SEO).

However, many people cannot wait for this organic approach and need to drive traffic to their site.

There are many mechanisms to help you increase people visiting your site. We have selected some of the best industry leading mechanisms and offer a tiered service from basic to extreme.

This should be seen as supplementary to making sure that the basic SEO work is carried out on your website.

Read here for more details on Traffic Driver.