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Webazon Hosting Services

So you have your website. You are happy with it. It looks great. It has everything you want in it. What is next?

Websites need to be placed somewhere on the internet and given a domain name so that they can be indexed by search engines like Google and ultimately browsed by your prospective customers.

This is called hosting.

We can do this for you and have all the skills necessary to setup your hosting and manage it over time. Example tasks for doing this include:

  • purchase domain names (e.g. www.webazon.co)
  • setup the hosting directories, links and so on
  • setup email that is branded with and linked to your website
  • create server databases, if necessary
  • test

Typically this service would cost less than £10 per month.

We partner with Fasthosts and Zen who are two the most established and best respected hosting companies and are based in the UK. Zen has won numerous awards for service levels and technical capability over the last 10 years.

Setting up your hosting is fairly straightforward and you can of course host your website yourself and maybe save a fiver a month. However, you might feel it is worth £60 spread over a year to get this setup without hassle quickly and correctly.

Maintaining your website (see our maintenance services) requires a flexible and well implemented hosting structure. It is one of the reasons we use and recommend our hosting partners.

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