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Website Maintenance Services & SEO

It is like all things. If you don't maintain your car then it will start to look shabby and, after a while, become less reliable, slower and it might stop working altogether.

You business marketing, which includes your website(s), is no different. Your website should be continuously reviewed and periodically updated to reflect the changes in your business. For example, new products should be uploaded and old ones removed. Websites are communication tools and so monthly offers and company news also can be published but it must be current.

These are obvious maintenance issues for website owners. However, there are other things to consider. For example:

  • Who is browsing?
  • Are the people who are browsing buying?
  • What else are your browsers looking at?
  • Who else should you be attracting?
  • How is the website affecting your non-website business?

Whilst a good design will make a reasonable guess at answering these and other questions, it won't be 100% correct. Moreover the answers will change over time.

We can review the useage statistics of your website and use this in conjunction with your own business data to refine the focus and use of your website. This will maintain and improve your effective page rankings across your website.

Often forgotten is another, technical reason, for reviewing and updating your website. Technology changes! The language behind the website evolves. Browsers are updated by manufacturers. New browsers come along. Your customers may be browsing from new platforms like iPads, Android phones, TVs and so on. We can keep your website technically appropriate and up to date.

Website maintenance and SEO is therefore essential to getting the most out of your asset and it doesn't have to be onerous or expensive.

Many of our customers have effective SEO & maintenance programmes from us for as little as £50 to £100 per month.

Part of this service is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We like to think of ourselves as SEO Plus as our services in this area include everything necessary to keep your website as effective as possible. For example:

  • business updates of products and services
  • adding and deleting special offers and company news
  • targeting the browsers you want as customers
  • page rank analysis
  • technical tuning
  • keep up to date with technology
  • launches onto new platforms (e.g. new mobiles etc)

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